Friday, November 13, 2015

Dog Signs on Prom

App for your phone that shows were you can and cant go with your dog via GPS. Your car Satnav can tell you speed limits, Speed Cameras so why not areas you are getting near with your dog, that's if you have a suitable mobile phone, instead of having to lookup the local bylaws and look on an outdated Council website. Or is that the idea to catch you out and collect a fine fee.
The signs on the prom (and other areas the council has designated) are not very big and there are so many of them to help you make an informed decision. But as you walk along the sand you cant see any information as to which zone you are in or entering. How about a flag system, between one colour flag is ok for dogs but between another colour flag it is a no go dog area. If you align the front Red or Green Doggy flag up with a marker post behind ie on the other side of the road, you will now whether you are in a dog zone or not. It would also be a great help if the signs were bigger and made more visible, not hidden around a corner so as to see the sign you must go into a No go zone with your dog. To quote a Meerkat "SIMPULS".
Ps. If you do write an App remember me for the idea.

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